Monday, May 11, 2009

Labor Pains

Well, we survived our first Mother's Day, typically one of the busiest days of the year. Grange did 320 covers in 4 hours for brunch plus another 100+ for dinner. My assistant, Jackie Wilfong and I, along with help from our extern David, produced 400 currant scones, 300 orange scones, 800 muffins and 1,000 truffles (3 flavors, 2 of them dipped in chocolate), in addition to chopping up 4 flats of strawberries, making chocolate mousse for a banquet, and prepping all of our regular line desserts. Jackie and I both worked back-to-back 12 hour days. It was a lot of work but very rewarding. Our truffles and desserts were beautiful and we had a lot of laughs along the way. I had the day off today and went to a Valrhona chocolate demo which I'll tell you about later. Tomorrow it's back to work with a full day of banquets!


  1. Elaine... YOU ROCK!!! Yes, i will admit it... I ate 3 of the white chocolate truffles.... mmm mmm good

  2. MJ - Darn it, I counted those thousand truffles twice and couldn't figure out why I was 3 short!