Monday, May 25, 2009

The Grange/Citizen Team Rocks!

On Saturday seven of us from Grange/Citizen (Chef Tuohy, me, Jackie, MJ and his banquet crew Rachel, Jackson and Vern) headed to Raley Field to work the Walk 'n Rock event in conjunction with the Journey concert. We prepared 250 beet salads for one of the two first courses, then assisted all the other chefs and their crews with their courses. After all the VIPs were served MJ and Rachel got to personally deliver meals to the band backstage. MJ was in seventh heaven meeting one of his guitar idols, Neil Shoen. The Grange/Citizen team worked their magic, the event was a huge success, and as a bonus we all got to attend the Journey concert! We watched the band from 5 feet away in front the stage - it was awesome!

This was just the latest of several offsite events that Grange/Citizen has participated in. We recently worked the Jewels on J charity event, MJ and I partipated in the Sierra College Taste of Excellence fundraiser, and Chef Tuohy is one of four local chefs featured in the Chef's Challenge at the Raley's Grape Escape event on June 6 at Cesar Chavez Park. Chef and I are also really pleased to be providing the food for an "Earth to Table" organic, slow food reception for An Evening with Michael Pollan on June 10 at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1300 N Street, Sacramento. Michael Pollan is a highly respected author, teacher and speaker who urges us to eat with a fuller knowledge of all that's involved in getting food to our plates, which ties in perfectly with Chef's philosophy of supporting local, organic, sustainable agriculture. It promises to be an outstanding evening and it's an honor to do my small part by providing dessert for the reception (seasonal fruit galettes).

These offsite events are a lot of fun for us because we get to work in different (and challenging) environments, socialize with local chefs and their crews, and meet people like Neil Shoen and Michael Pollan, not to mention current and prospective Grange/Citizen guests. I hope to see you at one soon!

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  1. That's right... we weren't WITH the band... we WERE the band... We ROCKED that event. Thanks to all who contributed. Thanks Elaine...MJ